Volunteer Opportunities

The Ashland Summer Reading Program looks for volunteers 2 times during the course of the program.

First, we need help in April and May to send letters to and follow up with local Ashland merchants regarding their participation in the program, follow up with generous Ashland families who help to sponsor the program, coordinate all the prizes, and get the flyers ready for the kids at the end of school each June.

Second, we need help in September, once the students finish doing their reading.  We need to tally all the books/chapters or hours/minutes read by all the students, organize the prizes for each child, and award the lottery prizes for the top readers.

If volunteer time is an issue, we look for donations of items such as printer paper, staples, white and manila envelopes, rubber bands, and so on.   

The program has generous support from the Ashland Public Library, The Friends of the Ashland Public Library, the Ashland School Committee, the Ashland K – 12 PTO, the Ashland Business Association, and many parent volunteers.  Thank you in advance for your time and for your support of the Summer Reading Program.

For more information about the Ashland Summer Reading Program, or to add your name to the list of volunteers, please contact Elka Troutman at AshlandSummerReadingProgram@gmail.com.