2011 Program Rules and Prizes

All Graduating Students in Grades K5 are Invited to Participate

Some people want to count by book/chapter, some by hour/minute. You choose what's best for you (but not both). At the end of the summer, our volunteers will calculate what percentage of students counted by book/chapter and what percentage counted by hour/minute. Top reader honors will be awarded proportionally.

If this program is new to your family, read on. You'll get the hang of it!

The program is simple. If you read (or someone reads to you -- including books on tape) the number of books or the number of hours listed in the left columns, you will earn the terrific prize listed in the column on the right (plus all of the prizes listed above that one)! Remember: there are 72 nights in the summer -- so if you read (or someone reads to you) three books or chapters or for 30 minutes each night before bed, you'll earn every prize on this list!

The 2011 Ashland Summer Reading Program Top Reader and Lottery Prizes

Top Reader Prizes:

Top 10 Readers from each grade will receive an award ribbon from NEC Trophies.
Top 10 Readers will also have their names printed in the local newspaper(s) and on WACA cable TV.
Top 2 Readers from each grade will receive a One World, Many Stories t-shirt

Lottery Prizes

If you read at least 200 chapters/books or read at least 35 hours this summer, you will be entered into a lottery for a chance to win additional prizes.

Program Rules

1. Students counting by book / chapter may count each chapter as one book and tally totals on the reading list provided. For example, if the first book you read has 17 chapters, write the name of the book on line one, and write how many chapters you complete after each reading period. Or you can just wait until you finish the book, and write 17 chapters next to the name of the book. Total the number of chapters at the bottom of each page. Picture books count as one book.

2. Students counting by minutes/hours should list the books they read on the reading list provided one book per line, regardless of number of chapters. Then, record the amount of time in minutes spent reading on time chart provided.

3. Students may count books that they read and books that someone else reads to them. This includes books on tape.

4. Students may read books more than once and count each time for credit.

5. Students may count substantial magazine and newspaper articles as one book.

6. Students may only start counting books read after this year's classes are officially over.

7. This program is based completely on the honor system. Parents should monitor the listing and counting of books or the number of minutes spent reading. Parents should review "Some notes for parents" (below) for answers to commonly asked questions about counting books or time.

8. Once a student reads the number of books/chapters (or for the amount of time) listed on the left side columns, he or she earns that prize. When a student reaches the next prize level, he / she qualifies for that prize as well – the student can earn as many prizes as they want!

9. During the first week of the new school year, the student will bring the completed reading list and time chart if applicable to school (REMEMBER: THERE ARE ONLY 3 DAYS IN THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). All completed pages MUST be in a regular white business-size envelope, with the child's full name, phone number, the new teacher's name and new classroom number (if known) on the outside of the envelope. Sixth graders should list their ADVISOR'S name and their ADVISORY room number.

10. DO NOT SEAL THE ENVELOPE!! Just tuck in the flap. Your prizes will be returned to you in this envelope.

11. All lists must be returned to school by Thursday, September 1, 2011. Volunteers will complete the tallying and printing of Level prize coupons the weekend of September 2 – 5, 2011.

12. Shortly thereafter, the envelopes will be returned to students with Level prize coupons enclosed. Prize coupons will have specific instructions regarding expiration dates, how to claim prizes, etc. Please take a look at these instructions when you receive your coupons.

13. Lottery and Top Reader prizes will be awarded no later than the end of September.