FAQ for the Ashland Summer Reading Program


Q:        How long has the Summer Reading Program been going on?
A:         This is our 14th year running the Summer Reading Program, and it gets bigger and better every year!

Q:        How do I win all the great prizes?
A:         The more you read, the more you can win!  On the following pages, you will see a list of great prizes, all donated generously by local Ashland merchants and families.  The more books/chapters or hours/minutes you read, the more prizes you can collect.  And, if you read at least 200 books/chapters or at least 35 hours over the course of the summer, you are eligible to win some terrific lottery prizes!

Q:        Is the reading program at the Ashland Public Library a different program?
A:         NO!  Public libraries across the country have been offering summer reading programs for years, and the Ashland Public Library is no exception.  Whether you are in Alaska or Acton, Arkansas or Ashland, or anywhere in between, you can participate in our collaborative summer reading program.  We work with the 3 Ashland elementary schools and the public library to bring you a wonderful summer reading program.  The library will have all the books you need for your summer reading lists, and much more.

Q:        How do I keep track of the books I’ve read?
A:        You can track your progress one of two ways – either by book/chapter, or by minutes/hours read (but not both).  You can record all types of books – picture books, chapter books, magazines, and even books on tape.  See the attached forms for all of the details for both options.  If you need additional forms, please go to our web site at http://AshlandSummerReadingProgram.org.  

Q:        What is One World, Many Stories?
A:        In 2010, Massachusetts became the 49th member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program.  49 out of 50 states work together to offer kids of all ages an amazing summer reading program.  Every year the program has a theme, and this year, for the elementary school kids, the theme is One World, Many Stories – linking diverse cultures, religions, countries and ethnicities.  The message is consistent across all states and participating libraries, and the materials like posters, bookmarks, and certificates are consistent, too.  You will see the One World, Many Stories theme at the children’s section of the Ashland Public Library, as well as on posters in the elementary schools.

Q:        Is there an online component to the reading program?
A;        Yes!  Through this program, you can choose to track your reading and time online.  If you are interested in tracking your reading/time online, please go to www.readsinma.org/index.asp?lib=ashland.  This online system will allow you to track your summer reading progress whether you are at home in Ashland, at summer camp, or on vacation.  If you track your reading online, you do not have to do any paper tracking.  But, you will still need to provide the Summer Reading Program Coordinator with your name, grade, teacher name and phone number, so that we can track your on-line information correctly.  See page 6 of this flyer for more details.

Q:        When do I hand in the Reading Log?
A:         All Reading Logs must be handed into your new classroom teachers by Thursday September 1, 2011.  This is a firm date, so that we can tally the information from all the readers.

Q:        Who can I contact with any questions or issues?
A:         Feel free to contact Elka Troutman, the Summer Reading Program Coordinator, at AshlandSummerReadingProgram@gmail.com.

Q:        Where can I get additional reading log pages or other important information and rules about the program?
A:         Go to http://AshlandSummerReadingProgram.org/DownloadForms.php for additional reading log pages, program rules, a list of participating Ashland merchants and families, and much more information.

Have fun and be safe this summer, and READ, READ, READ!!